Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As I sit here in my bed at 2:30 am with insomnia, I thought maybe I should finally write something in my blog. I started to title it, then erased it. Titled it again and the erased it again. Hopefully I'll have a title by the time I'm through typing. Right now I'm just rambling. But that's okay sometimes.

We just got home from vacation last week. Our family went tent camping in the foothills of the BlueRidge Mountains in Upstate South Carolina. We explored the area alot but also found out there is much more to do. We stayed at Oconee State Park literally just 2 miles from the NC state line and 5 miles from the GA state line. It was peaceful and relaxing. We took the kids to SixFlags over GA one day. Colleen LOVES roller coasters but was a little down b/c she had no one to ride them with her. Jerry hates roller coasters and I was pregnant at the time so I thought it best not to. Unfortunately, once again this turned out to be a, If I knew then what I know now, moments. Oh Well. She still had fun. Connor got to see Thomas the Train and Sir Topham Hat although he wouldn't go anywhere near him! Connor is terrified of anything in a costume! It is actually quite funny to his Dad and me. He won't even shake hands with Chuck E. Cheese. He keeps asking to go see Mickey Mouse but I know it would be a total waste of time & money because he would never want to leave the motel room because of ALL the people in costume! LOL

On another day we went up to Bryson City to the Great Smocky Mountain Railroad and booked passage on there 4 hour excursion. Both of the kids had a blast! Jerry & I had fun too! It is something I would encourage everyone who has kids that like trains to do. Although Connor likes Thomas and enjoyed that he has still yet to stop talking about riding on the deisel! Other days we spent hanging out at the campgrounds, hiking, riding bikes and pretty much just enjoying being alone as a family with no pressing responsibilties. It was quite refreshing.

We spent one day in Atlanta going to the Zoo, the new American Girl store and to Ruth's Chris. It was AMAZING! Not something I would do again with kids but amazing still.I was so impressed with how they accomidated us with our children even though you could tell it was not a "kid friendly"kind of place. We will definately go back one day sans kiddos!

Now we are home and back in the saddle.Much to do much more to plan!