Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am so unfaithful to my poor little blog! A friend of mine told me about hers and I thought, WoW! I love to talk! This should be a breeze! Um....Wrong! I get so insecure about what some people or the other will think about what I might or might not say! Whew! What pressure! Now I'm all for being appropriate and being discreet and even not airing your dirty laundry or whining but wow, sometimes life isn't all fun and games.

I came across another blog and I was so refreshed by her honest and transparency. So with that I decided to follow suit as well.

Life recently has been crazy! We have rearranged some furniture and we are finally (after 2 years in this house!) going through some boxes and putting things away and tossing a ton of it. That is a huge feat in itself as I have a pac-rat hunny! He loves to keep everything! LOL Well, it is great for financial stuff, receipts, tax returns, etc. it gets rather bothersome when talking about other things. You should have seen the piles and piles of stuff we tossed as we were packing to move down here! The only way I got that to happen is I kept reminding him that we were paying $1.50 a pound to move this stuff! It worked! Now I reasoned with him how we are paying x amount of dollars every month for space that is taken up by junk. And yes, I figured out the amount to the penny! LOL I love my man but we obviously have some differences.
I on the other hand love to toss things out! I hate clutter. I even hate to see pictures of clutter! When I'm on FB and see other people's pics and notice the clutter in the back ground it makes me cringe! You would think that I would have more important things to irritate me but...guess it's just one of my little quirks. Notice I said one of...LOL!

July is a busy months of birthdays at my house! First with Colleen's 14th on the second, then Jerry's 46th on the 23rd and last but not least, my little man Connor's 4th birthday on the 28th. Happy Birthday to my family!

Please keep us in your prayers for as we are doing all we can to have another baby. So prayers for sticky babies as I have heard said in the infertility/miscarriage world! Till next time, and it will be soon, tootles!

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Lishak said...

Welcome back! The transparent, tell it like it is, blogs are the best! Good to have you back in bloggy land. :)